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Vegan Roasted Pepper Pesto with Zucchini “Pasta”

You down with R.P.P.? Yeah, you know me.

I have a few unpopular opinions. Among them, The Monkees were better than The Beatles, roasted pepper pesto is tastier than herb-based pesto, and no man has ever walked on the moon. (You seriously believe NASA just happened to ‘tape over’ evidence of a moonwalk and have to show simulated video now? Like somebody at NASA was such a big fan of Who’s the Boss, but they were working the night that Tony and Angela’s first kiss episode aired, and they just taped over the moon landing so they wouldn’t miss it?)

If you believe that, you’ll believe that spiralized zucchini is just as good as pasta. HAHAHA.


4 Roasted red peppers (do them in the oven or buy them in a jar)

1 clove of garlic

½ C Pistachios. (If you don’t like these nuts, use almonds or walnuts)

½ C olive oil

Pinch Cayenne pepper

1 packet of Splenda (use agave or sugar or Stevia)

3 T Nutritional yeast (this is the cheese substitute and it’s really cheesy)

Instructions: Throw everything into a food processor and blend until fully incorporated but still a little chunky, like you banged it out with a mortar and pestle.

For your Zucchini:

  1. Use a spiralizer for a spaghetti shape, a vegetable peeler for thin ribbons or a knife for cutting long matchsticks on 2lbs of zucchini until it resembles your ‘pasta’ of choice.

  2. Dress with ½ cup Red Pepper Pesto, Vegan Pesto or Dojo Dressing depending on your mood.

  3. Use your imagination. You’re totally eating noodles at a fraction of the calories. This just proves that it’s just the sauce that matters. Pasta is completely overrated.

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