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Vegan Power Broccoli Salad

The post-vacation/holiday diet clean up is in full swing. The juicer is working overtime, the VitaMix sounds like a jackhammer and it’s giant salad season. I’m a believer in a “vegetable buzz”—that energized feeling of well being you get when your three meals are a large green juice for breakfast, a fruit and veg smoothie for lunch and a salad like this for dinner.


1 large bunch of broccoli

2 large cucumbers or 6 small ones, sliced

½ C sliced green olives

½ C Pistachio

2 C cooked pigeon peas

2 green apples, sliced

1 avocado, diced

Juice of 1 lemon

1/3 C rice wine vinegar

2 T olive oil

1 t agave

salt and pepper


  1. Bring a pot of very salty water to the boil.

  2. Cut florets from the broccoli stalks. Boil them for 2 minutes then run cold water over them to stop cooking.

  3. Don’t throw the broccoli stems away. Use a cheese grater or a food processor and turn those stems into a slaw

  4. In a large bowl combine florets, slaw, olives, peas, pistachios, cucumbers and apples.

  5. Whisk the olive oil, rice vinegar, lemon juice and agave together in a small bowl.

  6. Pour the dressing on the salad and toss until it’s evenly dressed.

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