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Vegan Chocolate Coconut Banana Pudding

When I was a kid, I was terrified of Ozzy Osbourne. His reputation was that of a satanic, bat biting, suicide-encouraging madman. I was afraid to listen to his music. I thought that I’d be brought over to the dark side just by pressing play on a cassette deck. When I finally got around to listening to Ozzy I felt ripped off. It wasn’t evil at all—it sounded like The Beatles with a better guitar player. He was singing about learning to love and forgetting how to hate. I was duped.

Most people think vegan desserts are as boring as The Walking Dead (or golfing if you’re a TWD fan.) They’re the dry hump of the dessert world: it’s sweet, but it could be sooooo much better if it was the real thing. Like Ozzy: a totally undeserved bad reputation.

Let’s change some hearts and minds.


1 very ripe avocado (Soft to the squeeze and dark green skin. Not one that feels like a rock)

1 ripe banana, (spotty like a leopard)

1 T vanilla extract

¼ C Cocoa powder (not sweetened junk, use the good stuff: unsweetened Dutch cocoa, antioxidants maaaaan)

1/3 C coconut milk (any nut milk will work here. I just like coconut best)

3 Packets Splenda (I’m chubby and trying to change that. If you’re afraid of artificial sweeteners use sugar or date syrup or agave or whatever you usually use.)

Toasted coconut flakes

1 piece raw cacao


  1. In a VitaMix or an inferior blender/food processor, puree the avocado, banana, cocoa, vanilla, coconut milk and Splenda until it looks like chocolate pudding/mousse.

  2. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour

  3. Serve and garnish with coconut flakes and cacao.

Thanks to Ali Lensing for posting the original recipe that inspired this. She’s a good (vegan) egg.

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