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The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

I made this with dinner last night and it was so good I was going to save it for the book, but fuck that; I need to be a good Socialist and redistribute the wealth of my Brussels Sprouts game. I could live on those little cabbages alone. If they’re on the menu, I’m ordering them. I know my sprouts and this Japanese inspired version is like Ringu, or the good version of Japanese horror films…before they get watered down for Americans. 

Make this and thank me. 


1/12 LB. Brussels Sprouts, stems cut, outer layer removed and halved lengthwise 1 Japanese Sweet Potato, half moon chopped (Yams work too) ¼ C sesame oil ¼ C rice vinegar ¼ C Tamari (or soy sauce) 1 T Maple syrup 2 C red seedless grapes, halved ½ C roasted peanuts


1- Preheat oven to 400F

2- Place Brussels Sprouts in a large bowl

3- Whisk the tamari, sesame oil, maple syrup and rice vinegar together then pour over the sprouts. Make sure to coat the sprouts evenly.

4- Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Place the sprouts cut side down on the tray. Pour any remaining dressing over the sprouts. 

5- Roast for 35-ish minutes (the sesame roasting smell will make your house smell like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen). You want the sprouts to be charred and crispy.

6- Place the grapes and nuts in a bowl. Add the still hot Brussels Sprouts. Mix that up, and you’re done. 

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