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The Only Salad Dressing Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Being judgmental is easy for me, but digital media is making it harder to do. Now that evidence of your bad taste is hidden away on some little device, I can’t just come to your place, scan your bookshelf and records, then snicker to myself. Fortunately, I can still open your refrigerator.

If I see a store-bought salad dressing in there, you’re getting the side-eye. I may also ask about your portal to the 1980s—I want to invest in Apple stock and sell just before Jobs dies.

Salad dressing is so so so easy. The BASIC BITCH SALAD DRESSING TEMPLATE I’m about to drop works with basically anything in your kitchen. Step up your salad game:


1/3 cup acid: Lemon juice, lime juice, any kind of vinegar except white, pickle brine, whatever you have on hand.

½ cup fat: Oil, buttermilk, yogurt, tahini, nut butter or a mixture of more than one if you haven’t gone shopping in a while.  Or just use olive oil and make life easy.

1T sweet emulsifier: Honey, agave (if that’s still a thing), fruit jam, date syrup, maple syrup etc.

1T acidic emulsifier: Dijon or any other kind of mustard, Sriracha or other hot sauce, wasabi, soy sauce, you get the idea.

Pinch of salt and pepper

Your Special Snowflake Ingredient: Whatever herbs or spices you like

*** Some classic combos to consider ***

Traditional Vinaigrette: Red wine vinegar + olive oil + Dijon mustard + honey

Asian Vinaigrette: Rice vinegar + olive/sesame oil mix + peanut butter + Sriracha

Middle-Eastern Vinaigrette: Lemon juice + olive/tahini mix + date syrup (silan) + cumin powder

1- In a large bowl, whisk all the ingredients together. You don’t have to slowly drizzle the oil in at the last minute in a steady stream like they do on TV.  It doesn’t make a difference. 2- Take a leaf from your salad and dip it in the dressing. Taste it. If it’s good you’re done. If it sucks, adjust it. 3- Pour your dressing in one of those hipster mason jars and stick it in your fridge. Give it a shake when you’re ready to use.

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