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The Best Eggplant Bacon Recipe Ever

I know, I know, my blog’s tagline is: “Any schmuck can put bacon on something and make it delicious…” But, can any schmuck turn eggplant and a couple of other ingredients into something vegan that tastes EXACTLY like bacon? And I didn’t have to rely on added fat from frying to make it taste good; it’s baked. In the Middle Ages I might have been burned at the stake for witchcraft or wizardry. 


1 eggplant (use whatever you’re working with. Mine’s huge, but, I’m sure yours is fine if you use it right)

1 T Smoked paprika (not hot paprika.)

1 t soy sauce

Pinch (1/8th t) of Adobo

½ t Liquid Smoke 

½ t tomato paste

1 T olive oil

Cooking spray


  1. Heat oven to 400F

  2. Use a vegetable peeler to peel the skin off the eggplant. Then use the peeler to peel bacon-sized strips from the eggplant. Set aside

  3. Combine the paprika, soy sauce, adobo, Liquid Smoke, tomato paste, and olive oil in a small bowl. Mix until combined to form a paste.

  4. Brush the paste onto both sides of the eggplant strips. 

  5. Line a baking tray with parchment, and give it a shot of cooking spray (you really don’t want it to stick)

  6. Now, this is where cooking is more art than science. I have no idea what kind of oven you have, so, we’re going to be really careful about this. Put it in for 5 minutes. Your house should smell like a bacon factory. Check on the bacon: you want it to be crispy and firm, but not burned. DON’T BURN THE BACON. If it’s not ready, give it 2 more minutes. It should be done after 7 minutes, but if it isn’t, give it another minute. If it’s not done yet, you need a new oven…and another minute or two. 

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