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Spaghetti with Tahini Tomato Sauce

Say you want to make a creamy sauce, but you’re not in the mood for cream or cheese to get it there. Our friend sesame paste can help out. 

What you’re going to do is make your tomato sauce like you normally would: get the onion and garlic going until they become fragrant, maybe some chopped carrot and celery, hit it with a punch of salt and pepper, throw in some San Marzanos or vine ripe or plum tomatoes or even warm up some jar sauce. I don’t care what you do, this recipe will make any of those special. 

Now, you break out the food processor/blender and add. 

1 C tahini paste

1 ¼ C water

Punch of salt

Juice of one lemon

  1. Blend the tahini, water, salt, and lemon for a minute or two, until you have a creamy sauce, 

  2. Stir ½ C into your tomato sauce. Taste it. Maybe you want some more tahini, or salt? Adjust it. Save the remaining tahini in a Tupperware or squeeze bottle and use for a salad dressing or a sauce for anything. 

  3. Make your spaghetti as the sauce simmers (I like bucatini better than spaghetti, but whatever you do is your business). Cook it a minute or two less than the box suggests. 

  4. Drain the spaghetti. Put it back in the pot. Pour the sauce over it and cook on low-medium for 2 minutes while stirring. (I added some vegan sausages to make a meal of it.)

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