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Raw Vegan Gluten Free Low Carb Zucchini ‘Pasta’

I know, I know, this recipe sounds about as sexy as that big Kardashian sister who married the crackhead basketball player. It contains every boring buzzword in the food world. How could it be good? The answer is: Vegan Pesto. Think of the zucchini as you would spaghetti (except without all the carbs, calories and macaroni worms) as merely a carrier for the sauce. Get one of these Spiralizersand you are ready to rock. 


  1. Use a spiralizer for a spaghetti shape, a vegetable peeler for thin ribbons or a knife for cutting long matchsticks on 2lbs of zucchini until it resembles your ‘pasta’ of choice.

  2. Dress with ½ cup Vegan Pesto or Dojo Dressing depending on your mood.

  3. Use your imagination. You’re totally eating noodles at a fraction of the calories. This just proves that it’s just the sauce that matters. Pasta is completely overrated.

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