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Once You Go Blackberry Vegan Post Workout Protein Shake

Bros and Bro-ettes, do you even lift? Do ya? Well if you do, there’s an entire BroTein industry out there mindbending vegans and vegetarians into thinking that if they aren’t chomping chicken breasts or chugging whey (your stomach and the person you share a bed with will hate you, and the people who make Beano will love you).

The only time you really ‘need’ to think about post-workout nutrition is if you’ve done a tremendous amount of endurance and need to replenish what you’ve burned off or heavy weight work where you’re going to want to get some fast acting carbs and protein to your muscles quickly for growth, repair and soreness prevention. A few minutes on the treadmill and some Zumba doesn’t qualify.

Chubby me wants to be less chubby me, so I ended up doing multiple sets of singles with my deadlift max in a fit of overenthusiasm, then worked overhead press until my body was shaking and my legs felt like rubber. I was desperate to get home and try a soreness prevention potion out. This one was awesome.

It makes 2 servings. Share with a friend


2 C blackberries

3 chopped apples

2 bananas

2 C baby kale (or spinach)

2 C cold water

2 scoops Vegan protein powder.


  1. Blend that all together until smooth.

  2. Drink

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