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Not-From-a-Box Falafel

Eating falafel made from a box is the equivalent of shoving a bunch of chemicals into your mouth. You wouldn’t just swallow random chemicals in pill form, would you? OK, maybe that’s a bad example, but you get my point.

This is a super old school recipe. It’s the same kind of falafel that Mary Christ used to make for her little Jesus. 


1 ½ C dry chickpeas

6 scallions, rough chop

5 cloves garlic

1 bunch of parsley leaves, rough chop

2 t flour (whatever kind you like)

2 t cumin

2 t kosher salt

½ t crushed red pepper

½ t turmeric

1 t baking soda

2 t sesame seeds

¼ C breadcrumbs


  1. Soak your chickpeas in a bowl filled with water overnight. Strain and rinse. DO NOT COOK THE CHICK PEAS.

  2. Measure out 2 cups of the drained chickpeas and transfer to the bowl of a food processor.

  3. Add all the other ingredients except for the  sesame seeds and breadcrumbs to the food processor.

  4. Pulse until ingredients combine to form a sandy-looking mixture. Think couscous, not hummus.

  5. Refrigerate the mixture for 1 hour. Add sesame seeds and breadcrumbs. Mix well.

  6. Heat a medium saucepan over med-high heat. Pour Canola oil approx. 2” high. (You don’t want to use olive oil here; it has a low smoke point, it’ll burn, taste terrible, stink up your kitchen and probably give you cancer.)

  7. When the oil starts to ripple drop a tiny piece of the mixture in as a tester. If it’s vigorously frying, you’re good.

  8. Use an ice cream scooper to scoop out the mixture. Pack it into the scoop and drain any liquid over the sink (this is super important. Forget this and you’ll have floaters. You don’t want floaters). Then carefully drop into the hot oil.

  9. Fry 4 falafel balls at a time. Approx. 2 minutes on each side until golden brown and it looks like falafel should. Drain on paper towels. Repeat.

  10. Serve over salad with tahini dressing, inside a pita, or just              eat the balls. My work is done. Now it’s up to you.

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