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Breakfast Sundae

People are constantly telling my wife how lucky she is to be married to such a tall, clever fella who cooks delicious dinners every night. And while they’re totally right—she’s luckier than 10 Lotto winners—she’s radder than Cru Jones  in her own write (she a writer, get it?). Without her encouragement, I would have never gone to culinary school, and it’s really awesome to have an editor around when you’re writing a book proposal. Anyway, it’s 2016, and people still get weirded out when they find out I do all the cooking, so she’s taken to answering them with, “I organize the yogurt. I’m a yogurt organizer.” That statement confuses/diffuses people to the point that they just drop the subject and move on….but she’s not lying.

Meirav is the queen of the lazy Sunday breakfast sundae. She doesn’t work like me. She goes into the kitchen and improvs. Then, she comes out with something awesome. So here’s a rough idea of how to make your own breakfast sundae. 

Crunch is Key- Before you choose your base, make sure to choose your crunchy elements. Use something like:,granola, thinly sliced almonds, chia seeds, pomegranate seeds…but not a lot of it. This is an add-on, not the main event, it’s just a texture enhancer. Don’t get carried away.

Make it Fruity- Slice some strawberries and toss them with Stevia, do the same with any kind of berry you like, dice an apple, slice a banana,a mango, a peach, a pear…you get it, right?

Choose the Best Yogurt- Go with a full fat Greek, or if you’re a vegan, use that almond business as a yogurt substitute. Figure ½ cup of yogurt for every person, and ¼ cup fruit and ¼ cup other stuff.

The Other Stuff- Day old cornbread or a broken up muffin works best here, but if you don’t have those things around, try a high fiber boring cereal or oats in their place. 

Assembly- Parfait that motherfucker. Some fruit and other stuff on the bottom, cover it with yogurt, add some more other stuff and fruit, top it all of with something crunchy, then freestyle and do something like cacao shavings on top. 

You did it!

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